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We have our own Orthodontist at our Clinic

If you would like straighter teeth for yourself or your child, Carr & Associates offers a wide range of braces and other treatment options to suit your unique needs!


Orthodontic treatment is a complex interplay of many different components including the jaw bones, facial bones, soft tissue, all of which must work together to move teeth into their new positions. That is why timing can be everything! The American Orthodontic Association recommends that your child’s first check up with an orthodontist be no later than age 7.

At your initial appointment our orthodontist will evaluate the developing teeth and jaws and will be able to diagnose any problems and decide if treatment is needed immediately, in the future, or if no treatment is expected.

Sometimes early intervention is crucial as it will reduce overall treatment time by taking advantage of children’s growth and fix functional problems before they worsen. Early intervention often times still requires future intervention and treatment but it may aid in reducing the overall treatment time for your child. In our office you can rest assured that we will continue monitoring your child’s orthodontic needs while we monitor their dental development and growth every 6 months at their regular check up!


It is never too late for orthodontic treatment! In fact, most of our adult patients are choosing orthodontic treatment because they appreciate and understand the importance of having a beautiful and healthy smile now more than even before!

Reasons our adults consider orthodontic treatment:
* A bad bite- (underbite, crossbite, overbite) The misalignment of teeth can cause functional issues such as jaw pain
* Crowding or gaps- having crowding or spacing can make it difficult to clean certain areas leading to increased risk for tooth decay or gum disease
* Confident Smile that you can feel great about!

We offer our adult patients traditional braces (which can reduce overall treatment time) as well as Invisalign®. We understand that adults and children have different needs and need different levels of attention and care, that’s why your orthodontic treatment can be done in coordination with your cosmetic and restorative work to give you the best smile possible!


Want to straighten your teeth but don’t want to have metal braces?  Invisalign is a system that uses a series of clear aligners to slowly straighten your teeth. This system is great for patients who had previous orthodontic treatments and need some minor corrections.

Before starting treatment our Board Certified orthodontist will evaluate your teeth, jaws, skeletal dimensions and decide if Invisalign is the right solution for you. After you’ve been approved for treatment, you will receive your 3D generated aligners in our office.

Our orthodontist will carefully monitor your progress throughout the months until your ideal result is achieved. You can take out the aligners to eat, brush, and floss. Invisalign has no metal pieces so you won’t experience any discomfort associated with traditional metal braces.

Come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors and find out if Invisalign is right for you! call our office at (617) 262-5880 today!

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