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Adult General Dentistry

A few things we’re great at


Preventative dental care is the best way to protect your smile! It is important that you maintain your oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing, but regular 6 month checkups with your dental professional are also critical for identifying possible problem areas and addressing them at the earliest stages.


The days of coming back for several appointments before receiving your crown, having large putty impressions in your mouth are gone! Our office has the latest dental restoration technology and can use CEREC® to digitally obtain impressions, manufacture and deliver your crowns in as little as one day. This allows you to get back to your life with a smile on your face!


Dentures are prosthetic appliances that can replace multiple missing teeth. They can replace some of your teeth or they can help replace all teeth that are lost to advanced dental decay or gum disease. They can be removable or fixed depending on your designed treatment. Our office offers complete dentures, fixed partial dentures, implant retained dentures, and immediate dentures all customized and made specifically for you.


Dental implants replace missing teeth, whether they are missing because of disease, an accident, or congenitally. Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone to replace the root of the tooth, which is the portion of the tooth below the gums. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, or even to support a full set of dentures. Our oral surgeon and Periodontists perform implant procedures and will be happy to explain every step of the procedure to you.


Root canal is treatment of pulp and surrounding tissue of the tooth. Root canals are performed when the inside (pulp) of your tooth becomes infected or inflamed causing throbbing pain. A root canal can help save your tooth. Root canals today can be painless and we will help walk you through the entire procedure. If you think you may need a root canal then call us to get started.


Our office is pleased to offer our patients an oral surgeon right in our office. Our oral maxillofacial surgeon is board certified and available to perform minor to invasive procedures as needed. Oral surgeons can perform minimally invasive tooth extractions, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, biopsies, exposure of teeth for orthodontic needs, and placement of implants to just name a few. Our team of dentists will work with our oral surgeon to best communicate your personal treatment to help ensure a more cohesive and thorough approach.


Dental emergencies can happen in the most unexpected circumstances and can be very scary, but don’t worry we’re always here to help!
Some common dental emergencies area:
* Facial swelling
* Uncontrolled bleeding
* Broken Tooth/Cracked Tooth
* Locked Jaw/ Broken Jaw
* Severe Toothache
* Tooth Knocked Out
If you are experiencing any of these issues you can reach our after hours emergency line at any time and speak to one of our dentists at 617-262-5880

Call us. We will take care of you